Samurai Skills

Its been a while now since an update, sorry about that I have been very busy with my job for the past year, but it has been productive.

Recently I have managed to get a bit of spare time so I have created a few motion studies. This here is the latest pass of the first one. It focuses on human motion inspired from a few clips on YouTube as a way to improve my observation skills.

Feel free to comment on what i could improve either here or on YouTube!

Dino Run


After searching further I came across this great dinosaur rig,  not having animated any dinosaurs before this was new territory but fun nonetheless.  Again my goal was to strike a good balance between quality and speed. This took around 6 hours to complete, the tail was the trickiest part as it had to be in sync in multiple dimensions and look like its helping the dinosaur balance as it runs. On the other hand I wasn’t sure what do with the arms, anatomically speaking it did not seem to aid much in its run, so only slight adjustments were added as the body rolls but mostly kept steady, I assume the dinosaur would focus more on balance and its footing.

Dinosaur Rig used: Link

The previous Elephant rig, which I really wanted to use, posed a few skinning problems not to mention it was missing ankles.

Here is a few screenshots of the skinning problem as well my efforts to fix them.

Maya_Before Maya-ScreenShot Maya_After

Meet Wilhelm: Giraffe Walk Cycle

Having previously animated, dogs, birds and horses this time round I wanted to try something a little more challenging, a bit different and mainly focus on the animation rather than rigging, I also wanted to do this study in one day or less  so after a of bit searching I found Wilhelm the Giraffe, a  great rig for Maya that I had no problems with.

Everything from research, planning, scene set up and animation took me less than 9 hours, although there are some areas that could be polished a bit more like the head and tail. Let me know if I missed anything.

Wilhelm the Giraffe Rig:

( )

Apollo Kids Music Video: Part 4

Update: This character is the BOSS which Apollo Kid has to defeat. I wont spoil the ending, its a surprise. being a sort of metal golem,  this character was difficult to rig, he has parts which are quite stiff and restricted. The head has a limited amount of motion and the body can only rotate so much on the Y and X axis. Having said that, animating it is quite fun, great looking jittery animation can be applied to its run and arm movements, also given the fact he is a giant and has no real joints in rayman like style, scaling bones in careful manner can create wonderful results. As usual, all design, modeling, rigging and animation was done by me, build time was around 1 week, I have managed to successfully recycle Apollo Kids rig, the two clips took around 2 days create.

Apollo Kids Music Video: Part 3

Update: This is my favourite character from the production. EDGE is  a negative version of Apollo Kid in my eyes. He is a little cartoony ninja, that prefers sharp objects over martial arts. As with the rest of this music videos character I have designed, modelled, rigged and animated him. The build processes took 2 weeks while the animation was about 1 week.