Andrius Jocevicius

Character Animator

Industry Experience:______________________________________________

3D Animator – Goodgame Studios

August 11 2015 – Ferbruary 28 2017

  •  Tasked with creating a broad range of high quality character animations for the studios  IP “Infernals” for the mobile platform. Developed individual character locomotion, attacks, skills and other animated tracks in Autodesk Maya and set up character animations controller branches in the Unity engine. Collaborated strongly on a daily basis with the team and art director to solve rigging problems and define charater traits.
Rick Schmitz
Art Director at Goodgame Studios

Andy is a stellar animator. He has a knack for getting inside the head of which ever character he’s working on and comes up with super-original ideas for how to make the character fresh and unique. He’s easy to work with and is eager to collaborate with other members of the team. He’s smart, creative and is always ready to make the game better, whether that’s within his realm of expertise or contributing to game design, character design or anything else that may enter his talented brain.

Lead Animator ­ Element Animation Ltd.

November 2013 –  May 2015

  • As the lead animator my main responsibility is developing character traits, organizing shots, setting up layout as well as guiding other animators towards the director’s vision. My position also entails animating a wide variety of quirky characters. These ranges from characters based on the popular games “Minecraft” and “Terraria” which I had the pleasure of not only animating, but modeling. During my employment I also made time for personal work, this helped me keep my animation skills sharp and up to date to current software.

Freelance CG Animator/Generalist:

November 2012 – Present

  • I am represented on “PeoplePerHour” as a freelance animator and generalist. I offer professional animation services as well as concept art and logo design. From this I have delivered an animated music video for a client in London as well as being hired by a Croatian advertising studio “KAOS” .

“Superb quality end product. Couldn’t be more pleased. Will definitely be using Andy again in the future. Modelling and animation was spot on and worked perfectly in line with my ideas and direction.”

Michael Pettyt. Music Video Client.

Kaos Website

Turbosquid (Freelance)


  • I use this website to market and sell various 3D models and animated rigs online.

TriumVerity Games (volunteer)

August 2012 – November 2012

  • Animator and rigger at an indie games startup. I Was tasked with creating idle and taunt and walk cycle animation for their RPG game.

“Survivor” (volunteer)

August 2012 – November 2012 “Survivor”

  • Animator and rigger for an open world indie game. Was tasked with rigging and animating character sent to me. Animation and rigging was discussed on regular Skype meetings.

Education and Qualifications:_______________________________________

The University of South Wales

June 2012 BA Computer Animation 2012 (2:1)

Nominated Best CG Animator/TD at the “Glammies” Animation festival sponsored by Crytek

Callington Community College

July 2009 A Levels

Art & Design. Double Award (CC) Art (C) Philosophy & Ethics (A)

July 2006 GSCEs

Science. Double Award (AA) Art (A) Drama (A) IT (B) Maths (C)

English (C) Electronics (C) Out Door Leadership (Merit)

“One of two leaders awarded leadership outdoors certificate and an opportunity to teach kids kayaking, climbing, hiking and problem solving at the 3 day Porthpean (UK) school trip.”

Technical Skills and Software:______________________________________

  • Cinema 4D: Over a year of studio experience in character animation, scene set up and rigging.
  • Autodesk 3DS Max: Extensive animation and rigging understanding. Over 9 years of experience over various software iterations.
  • Autodesk Maya: Extensive animation focused skills.
  • MotionBuilder: Mid­level experience in motion capture clean up, key frame tweaking and animation.
  • Adobe Photoshop: Great all round knowledge of features. Primary tool for quick previz/animatic development.
  • Adobe Premiere: Excellent overall system knowledge. Primary tool for editing previsualization scenes and rendered finals.
  • Game Engines: An intermediate all round knowledge with a focus towards import/export of animation assets: CryEngine2, Unreal Engine, Modified Refractor 2  Have gained in-depth understading of Unity for animation purposes.

Skills: _______________________________________________________

  • High motivation and strong drive for Animation.
  • Good with research and planning.
  • Sharp attention to detail.
  • Ability to adapt to a variety of animation styles and development methods.
  • Broad and confident acting skills.
  • Great understanding of animation pipelines within game engines and their limitations.
  • Highly flexible to improve and/or rework scenes quickly and efficiently.
  • Strong and proven rigging experience with various software.
  • Robust technical knowledge and passion for problem solving.
  • Persistence towards adaptation and flexibility.
  • Proven leader and a great communicator. Dedication towards meeting deadlines.
  • Able to manage crunch time effectively. Easy to work with and loyal.

Interests and Achievements:________________________________________

  • Nominated Best CG Animator/TD at the “Glammies” Animation festival sponsored by Crytek.
  • Created visuals for and performed a live VJ set at Café Independent as part of a band
  • Game Design & Development research.
  • Android app development
  • 3D Modeling.
  • Live events and gigs.
  • Travelling and exploring countries.
  • Discovering and learning new animation tools and techniques.
  • Keen runner and climber.
  • Have gained climbing instructor qualification during my work in USA as a “Ropes Supervisor”


  • Contacts Available on request.
  • Email Address:

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